P Se PM Tak Full Movie HD Download In MP4

P Se PM Tak Full Movie HD Download In 720p , With a title like P Se PM Tak, the top is foreseeable and a departed conclusion. it’s the journey that you simply suppose is going to be exciting and you wait with bated breath for the story to unfold. But alas, it doesn’t.

Director: Kundan Shah
Writer: Kundan Shah
Stars: Meenakshi Dixit, Indrajeet Soni, Bharat Jadhav

P Se PM Tak Full Movie HD Download In MP4

A political wit, it’s the story of a prostitute Kasturi, United Nations agency lands in Satara and finds herself drawn into the closed circle of the town’s ruling elite, and her meteoric rise to the in demand political position.

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The film belongs to Meenakshi Dixit. She makes a powerful debut essaying Kasturi with calm. She encompasses a whole gamut of emotions to show and he or she doesn’t falter. She is loud, unrefined and retarded, her character longs for true love.

It is additionally amusing once the light is employed as an image and he or she mouths this statement many a time – “Humari fate, gol gol ghoomkar, red light-weight par attack hai.”

She is paired opposite Indrajeet Soni, United Nations agency portrays the role of the unscrupulous Inspector Rajan Gorpade, United Nations agency is gaga with Rashmi the kinswoman of Richard Neville, Waman Saheb.

P Se PM Tak Full Movie HD Download In MP4

Indrajeet lacks a robust screen presence. He emotes the romantic scenes well, however, is perfunctory as a political manipulator. Prerna Wanvari, together with her restricted screen time as Rashmi, is passable. together with her stiff gait and absence of screen energy, she lacks the oomph issue.

The character United Nations agency steals the show along with his craziness and blase histrionics is Asian nation Jadhav, United Nations agency plays Waman Saheb. P Se PM Tak Full Movie HD Download, With a prosthetic upper jawbone and unpleasant behavior, he stands out among the remainder of the solid. he’s a personality actor United Nations agency might simply slip into Sadashiv Amrapurkar’s mold.

P Se PM Tak Full Movie HD Download In MP4

Anjan Srivastav, one in every of Kundan Shah’s favorite actors, encompasses a chunky role as Doctor of Divinity, one in every of Waman Saheb’s lackey. he’s his usual self and doesn’t bring something exciting to the table. therefore is Yashpal Sharma, United Nations agency plays the vacillant politician, Jadeja. it’s the power-packed, Upasana Singh, United Nations agency is wasted here as Anuradha, the top of AN nongovernmental organization.

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