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Oxygen Full Movie Review & Story: The story is ready amidst 2 faction teams that are headed by Jagapathi baboo and Sayaji Shinde. Oxygen Telugu Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. each these family are gunning for every different all the time. this is often conjointly the time once Jagapathi Babu’s daughter(Raashi Khanna) gets engaged to Aravind Krishna(Gopichand).

Release date : November 30, 2017
Director : A. M. Jyothi Krishna
Producer : S. Aishwarya
Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Starring : Gopichand, Raashi Khanna, Anu Emmanuel

Once everything appears to be going fine, 1/2 Jagapathi Babu’s family gets killed by AN unknown suspect. World Health Organization is that this suspect? What will he get to do with the family? and What role will Aravind Krishna play all told this? to understand the answers, you would like to observe the film on the massive screen.

Oxygen Full Movie HD Download

The basic story plan of the film is pretty sensible. The means the suspense part is brought into the proceedings on purpose has been dead well. Oxygen Full Movie Download. Interval bang is sort of stunning and has been showcased quite grippingly. Raashi Khanna will her half well and maybe a sensible support to Gopichand.

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Hero Gopichand is AN apt alternative for the film and his performance within the half is sort of spectacular. he’s sensible within the action department and carries the film on his shoulders.

Anu Emanuel will an excellent job in her role. Not solely will she look sensible, however, Anu has conjointly performed well in emotional scenes throughout the half. Oxygen Full Movie HD Download. although the climax is drawn-out, the twist in Jagapathi Babu’s role makes things attention-grabbing.

Oxygen Full HD Movie Download

One of the most important drawbacks of the film is that it’s painfully long. Director Jyothi avatar takes forever to narrate the straightforward plot line. area unit feeling|you’re feeling} that you just square measure looking 3 totally different films in one motion picture because the episodes are quite mundane.

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Oxygen Full HD Download

The book takes a beating and this can be wherever the film drops. the manufacturers ought to have amended the film by a minimum of fifteen minutes and are available for the purpose promptly so the fascinating plot line would have looked smart.

The entire half goes for a toss. redundant comedy and family scenes eat up most of the time within the film, aside from the interval bang, remainder of the primary falls flat.

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