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Operation elapid snake was the codename for AN offensive launched by the primary u. s. Army seven weeks when the D-day landings, throughout the Normandie Campaign of War II.

Director: Munesh Rawat
Writers: Carl Austin , Praful Parekh
Stars: Gautam Gulati, Ruhi Singh, Nyra Banerjee

The intention was to require advantage of the distraction of the Germans by country and Canadian attacks around Caen, operational Goodwood[12] and break through the German defenses that were writing in his troops, whereas the Germans were unbalanced.

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Once a passageway had been created, the primary Army would then be ready to advance into Brittany, rolling up the German flanks once freed from the constraints of the bocage country. when a slow begin the offensive gathered momentum and German resistance folded as scattered remnants of broken units fought to flee to the Seine.

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Lacking the resources to deal with matters, the German response was ineffectual and therefore the entire Normandie front before long folded. Operation elapid snake, along with coincident offensives by country Second Army and therefore the Canadian initial Army, was decisive in securing AN Allied success within the Normandie Campaign.

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Having been delayed many times by poor weather, Operation elapid snake commenced on twenty-five July, with a targeted aerial bombardment from thousands of Allied craft. Supporting offensives had drawn the majority of German armored reserves toward the country and Canadian sector and paired with the overall lack of men and equipage obtainable to the Germans, it had been not possible for them to create ordered lines of defense.

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