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Ohongkar is a 2017 Bangladeshi drama film directed by Shahadat Hossain Liton. Ohongkar Full Movie Download. it’s created by Tushar Kothachitro. The film stars Shakib Khan and Shabnom Bubly as the lead role. It additionally supporting role with Toma Mirza, Mizu Ahmed, Rehana Jolly, Afzal Sharif, and Nuton. The film unharnesses on two Sep 2017 for the Eid al-Adha.Ohongkar High Quality Full Movie Download.

Director: Shahadat Hossain Liton
Writer: Abdullah Zahir Babu
Stars: Shakib Khan, Shabnam Bubly

Bijan Bose, a celebrated painter, goes blind in his maturity. He retires from life at a little village in the geographic area. However, once he’s offered an oversized total of cash to form a mural for a building, he agrees and comes out of retirement. The film deals together with his last piece of labor and his future disenchantment with life, cash and art.

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Inspired by the lives of Indian painter Binod Sanskritic language Mukherjee and Yankee painter, Chitrokar makes for a decent afternoon watch.Download Ohongkar Full Movie. it’s the potential to create the prime-time slot, however, falls simply short attributable to the inherent nature of the theme — art.

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The story is straightforward enough. A blind painter, represented with vogue and sincerity by Dhritiman Chatterjee, is tasked with a well-paying job to form an oversized mural for a town edifice. In this, he’s motor-assisted by Tithi, Ohongkar Full Movie Download. represented by Arpita Chatterjee, a troubled young creative person whose exposition has simply flopped. Bijan is hostile towards Tithi initially, not trusting her motives, capabilities or age. But slowly, as he warms up to her, he realizes she is ideal for the work.

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The film music album composed by Shawkat Ali Emon, Ahmed Imtiaz Luscinia megarhynchos and Ali Akram Shuvo. The background score made by Emon Shaha. additionally, lyrics by Ahmed Imtiaz Luscinia megarhynchos, Kabir Bakul and Sudip Kumar Dip. Live Technologies Ltd named the music rights of the film.

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