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Odiyan Manikyan returns to his village Thenkurissi when a voluntary exile of fifteen years, following the deaths of 2 individuals. however, will his come back impact those within the village and also the lives of others that he has shrouded darkly.

Director: V.A. Shrikumar Menon
Writers: Harikrishnan, Harikrishnan
Stars: Mohanlal, Prakash Raj, Manju Warrier

The brilliance of Odiyan’s lead actors Mohanlal and Manju Warrier are showcased in 2 scenes – one within which Odiyan Manikyan begs on his knees to create Prabha believe he is innocent of the crime he’s defendant of and another within which she bows her head in feeling for him serving to come back light-weight in her life.

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For the most half, Odiyan could be a drama Associate in Nursing a with competence paced one at that too. The relationships of its 3 characters – Manikyan, Prabha and Ravunni (Prakash Raj) – are what the film explores well and every one the selling concerning the film taking part into the gallery takes a backseat as Harikrishnan’s script delves deep into telling their stories.

Odiyan HD quality Full Movie Free Download

The only times wherever the film picks up speed is throughout its four action scenes, every higher than the opposite, and climax battle of Indians taking the cake.

Odiyan Full Movie High Quality Download

The film begins with Associate in Nursing aged Odiyan Manikyan returning to his village in Thenkurissi when a self obligatory exile of fifteen years. he’s maligned and even derided for returning, and shortly his is forced to require up a challenge to scare young person exploitation the tricks of his tribe.

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