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Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) stumbles upon the notebook wherever Firdous (Pranutan Bahl) has fenced in her most intimate thoughts. He falls taken with while not ever having famed or met her.

Director: Nitin Kakkar
Writer: Darab Farooqui
Stars: Pranutan Bahl, Muazzam Bhat, Zaheer Iqbal

You’ll be able to realize love within the most sudden places and things. That’s what happens to Kabir once he takes up the duty to show at a foreign house-boat faculty in Cashmere.

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He discovers a notebook that the previous teacher, Firdous used as her diary and he falls taken with along with her emotions and passions. that includes a very innovative conception, Notebook could be a film for inflexible romantics.

Notebook High Quality Download

However, even devout fans of the genre can agree that the film doesn’t very do enough with its basic premise. The one-line narrative is attention-grabbing, however, the book fails to try to something a lot of.

Notebook Full Movie High Quality Download

The bizarre story of falling taken with somebody you’ve ne’er met holds intrigue for many a part of the run time, too. however, the film takes a bit an excessive amount of time to line things up.

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