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The initial set-up of NOTA is pretty the same as the one in Republic of India one Nenu, wherever the reluctant son of a chief minister must take over the mantle from his father. Even their family set-up is analogous.

Director: Anand Shankar
Writer: Shan Karuppusamy
Stars: Vijay Deverakonda, Nassar, Sathyaraj

He’s the son of the primary married person, UN agency isn’t any a lot of, and resides in London. there are a step-mother and an awfully young relation. however there the comparison ends.

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For, Varun is not Associate in Nursing visionary like Republic of India. the primary time we tend to see him, he’s partying like there isn’t any tomorrow. once he’s told that he ought to take over because the chief minister.He remarks he does not even apprehend UN agency the governor is. once the governor asks him concerning the portfolios of his ministers, he’s uninformed. And he desires some other person to decorate him up in G-string, that trademark costume of an officer.

Nota Full Movie Download

More than the prospect of running the state, what worries him a lot of square measure the flex boards that are place up by his party men. One has his shaking hands with Donald Trump, and another sees him dressed up as Baahubali. And he’s fazed concerning his friends turning these into memes on Facebook!

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The plot is all concerning however this slaphappy child realizes his responsibilities and acts for the welfare of the folks. however, NOTA does not flesh out this transformation during a gradual manner, giving US scenes that show the evolution of this character.

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