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Abhi suddenly meets Vasu’s sister Ramya (Alka Rathore) at his own eating place and she or he tells him that Omaha died during a road accident. A dismayed Abhi then leaves to an Asian country to envision his friends. She additionally tells him that his friend, Sai’s wedding is ready. He goes to Ooty wherever all the four area unit gift for Sai’s wedding.

Directed by Kishore Tirumala
Produced by Krishna Chaitanya
Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Written by Kishore Tirumala

All of them area unit stunned to envision Abhi there except Vasu, World Health Organization becomes boring and lifeless once Maha’s death. Vasu avoids Abhi for a few days as he later reveals that Abhi left him alone once he was required the foremost. Meanwhile, Sai’s wedding gets off as a result of a petty quarrel between Sai’s mother and his betrothed Srushti. This depresses planner Meghana aka Maggie as she had spent plenty on this marriage despite warning from her assistant Kanuka. However, Sai refunds the number and that they arrange to pay their time as a get-together. On the thanks to their trek, the native taxi drivers stop them to organize a monopoly system by force to that Maggie opposes and confronts them. She is pushed back by a goon and this results in a fight. Vasu joins Abhi during this fight.

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Later, Abhi pours his heart out that he did not fathom Omaha and queries him that would not he have come back if he was aware. They each blithely unite once checking out their variations. As all of them pay time along Maggie becomes on the point of each Vasu and Abhi. Their friends suppose that she could be the explanation behind Vasu and Abhi’s variations another time.

No. 1 Dilwala High Quality Download

In a sudden encounter, Maha’s friend Usha (Priya Chowdary) offers Maha’s personal stuff leftover together with her to Vasu. Among them, he finds her diary and gets to grasp she truly loves Abhi, not him. on a daily basis before locution affirmative to Vasu, Omaha meets Abhi and proposes to him. however, Abhi requests her to just accept Vasu’s proposal as a result of he’s terribly sensitive and may get depressed otherwise. Omaha obeys Abhi and accepts Vasu’s proposal. Meanwhile, with the assistance of Abhi and Satish, Sai confesses his feelings to Srushti and she or he too agrees and their wedding happens on the day fastened earlier. Satish World Health Organization assumes that each Vasu and Abhi love Maggie and to avoid another squabble between them he convinces the latter that Vasu likes Maggie. Abhi decides to deport them once more while not telling anyone. once Vasu confronts Satish he reveals his activity.

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Maggie explains that she loves Abhi not Vasu and even Vasu confess that he does not have any feelings for Maggie. They notice Abhi at the train station and Vasu confronts him regarding Omaha. Abhi says that once he lost his mother, Vasu took her place in his life which his priorities will not modification anytime, that means Vasu can forever be a priority to Abhi. Then Abhi and Maggie unite and therefore the film ends with happy trying folks in conjunction with Abhi’s father.

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