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An adult female moves to Canada together with her adult male to urge married with the assistance of her friend, however, finds herself unfree in an exceeding internet of lies and deceits.

Director: A. Venkatesh
Stars: Imman Annachi, Vinay Rai, Robo Shankar

Nethraa looks like 3 films rolled into one. the primary act resembles a mystery just like the woman Vanishes. Nethraa (Subhiksha) and her adult male Velu (Thaman) run off to Canada wherever their friend Vikram (Vinay) lives.

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But soon, Velu goes missing and Nethraa is told that she had returned to the country alone. however before we start to urge in concerned during this mystery, the film reveals what is happening then, turns into a revenge heroic tale.

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With exceedingly these characters being unfree in a secret space simply next to wherever the opposite characters live. however, the film does not extremely offer North American country the suspense that such films generate.

Nethraa Full Movie Download

Instead, it quickly morphs into a horror heroic tale like do not Breathe, wherever the lead characters ought to beat a crafty villain UN agency cannot see. however, even these parts lack any edge-of-the-seat thrills.

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