Nankana (2018) Panjabi Full Movie HD Download

Nankana (2018) Panjabi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download on 720p. Nankana Movie Review: First and foremost, as aforementioned everyplace concerning the film, Nankana isn’t a few father-son bonds however a story that keeps pushing itself to completely different angles, simply to form sense within the film. ‘Nankana’, the title of the film has most likely been chosen to make an idea that this one may be a non secular film.

Director: Manjeet Maan
Writers: Pooja Gujral, Surmeet Maavi
Stars: Gurdas Maan, Kavita Kaushik, Anas Rashid

But once someone exits the theatre when watching, one question that a sane mind would raise are – Yaar aah Nankana title kaahte rkheya si, may are titled anything however this..Nankana European district attorney naam use krn di lorh metallic element hai atomic number 28 si ehni!

Nankana Full Movie HD Download

This film is a few men named fate (Gurdas Maan), his mate Amrit (Kavita Kaushik) and their family. Nankana Full Movie Download. This couple happens to be married for long, however, haven’t any kid because of that Karma’s father remains disturbed and keeps discovering petty arguments together with his son.

Nankana Full Movie Trailer

There is conjointly a blind character in their family named Lalo (I guess that is what the name was) and a caretaker named Sakeena. the opposite family seen obtaining concerned is their sharks (chacha) wherever Tari (Anas Rashid) plays the chacha’s son and is shown to be a rowdy and criminal minded person.

Nankana Full HD Movie Download

Karma happens to be a tutor World Health Organization has robust opinions and it’s attributable to his laborious hit purpose of views that his father keeps controversy with him. On the contrary, Amrit may be a docile woman World Health Organization keeps mum even supposing she is many times affronted for being unfruitful.

Set within the partition era of 1947, this film really encompasses a ton of things to that. Nankana Full Movie HD Download. the primary one is Karma’s tryst with youngsters in class wherever he imbibes smart teachings into them and offers some faithful life examples. other may be a contradiction to Karma’s character wherever he simply does not say something or maybe show his unhappiness once his fourteen-year previous kinswoman is married off at such a minor age. Rather he is seen singing shagna di mehndi wale geet!

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Nankana Full HD Download

The third is that the introduction of his master Swaran Singh, that holds no connectedness within the film. Fourth is concealment the facts from the family by Amrit that the sharks are designing a grimy game against them.

The couple their manner back from somewhere notice AN lacerate man and a baby. the person dies and fate and Amrit keep the kid with them, ultimately changing into his bapuji and bebe. when quite an few years, Nankana (the child) is found by his real mother World Health Organization tries to import him away by crook however gets caught.

When the standard main ehdi maa aa and stuff the family lets Nankana burst off along with her speech ke hanji eh ehdi asli maa aa n blaaah.

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