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Nagaram Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality on mp4. Sundeep Kishan has been looking a lull in his career these days. Losing no hope, he’s back with against the law heroic tale known as Nagaram. Directed by Lokesh, let’s see however the film seems to be.


The story of the film is predicated on four parallel stories and the way everybody together with Sundeep Kishan, a reckless youth, and Regina Cassandra get engrossed in an exceedingly abduct drama involving a deadly goon’s son. the remainder of the story is on however these stories unfold throughout the course of your time and what happens to every of them within the finish.

Genres : Action, Thriller
Country : South Indian
Directors : Lokesh Kanagaraj
Writers : Lokesh Kanagaraj
Stars : Regina Cassandra, Sri, Sundeep Kishan
Released : 21 Oct 2016

Plus Points:

One of the most important and points of the film is that the suspense that’s generated throughout the film. The film has some gorgeous script that is fantastically dead by the director Lokesh. The film has some terribly racy moments throughout and credit ought to visit the director for capital punishment a fancy story in a very convincing way.

Sundeep Kishan sheds his hero image and becomes a personality within the film. Right from his appearance to his taut performance, Sundeep slips into his careless role with ease and provides a sincere performance. Young hero Shri, WHO did the role of a technologist is pretty tight. The first half has some decent moments as the kidnap drama is executed in a very interesting way.

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The last half gets exciting as each character gets concerned within the proceedings quite convincingly. The film has several subplots that are mixed well within the script. Also, the approach varied crimes that square measure administrated in an exceeding town like Chennai are shown very realistically.

Minus Points:

Nagaram Full HD Movie DownloadNagaram Full Movie Download.Regina prophetess doesn’t have abundant to try and do the film. even if the film includes an excellent script, an excessive amount of time has been taken to ascertain the characters from the beginning. Films like these got to be terribly crisp with taut redaction and racy runtime, however, Nagaram has several scenes that square measure to a small degree extended.

The film takes its own sweet time to succeed in the interval. even if the film is sort of fascinating, from time to time you’re feeling that the narration is obtaining repetitive.

Technical Aspects:

Nagaram is high on technical aspects. The camerawork by Selvakumar is astounding because the crime adventure story is showcased in a realistic manner. The approach Chennai and its interiors are showcased appearance excellent on screen. Production values square measure prime notch and therefore the soundtrack done is adequate. Special mention ought to move to the sound style department World Health Organization have done a fabulous job. Even the conventional thrills are elevated with a thumping background score. Nagaram Full Movie Download.

Coming to the director Lokesh, he has done a wonderful job together with his narration. Credit ought to move to him for combining four parallel stories into one and extracting some top-notch performances from his star forged. The attention-grabbing side is that Lokesh doesn’t take medium liberties and explains each link and twist with utmost detail.

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On the complete, Nagaram is one film which is able to bring Sundeep Kishan back within the game evidently. His sincere performance, participating narration and realistic got wind of square measure vast assets of this film. If you ignore the marginally slow pace now and then and lack of basic recreation that you expect with regular Telugu films, Nagaram lands up as an honest anticipate all people who love crime thrillers.

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