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Naan Aanaiyittal Tamil Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Naan Aanaiyittal Movie Review: Let’s take away Rana’s role as Pallalvathevan for a moment and check out to imagine him as a contemporary day hero, pretty right wing. Naan Aaniyittal has Rana as Jogendhra a hero UN agency climbs the political ladder of aggression.

Direction: Teja
Music: Anoop Rubens
Cast: Rana Daggubati, Kajal Agarwal, Catherine Tresa, Navadeep, Shivaji Raja, Josh Ravi, Jayaprakash Reddy, Pradeep Rawat

The shades are like what Pallalvathevan might do for power, however, shown from a hero’s perception. With Rana, Kajal Aggarwal, Catherine Theresa, Ashutosh Rana and Navdeep within the lead, this Telugu dubbed picture appearance to create trends with its business content, let’s resolve what is within the store.

Naan Aanaiyittal full movie

Naan Aannayittal is Rana show all the manner. He utterly goes into the role and shows plenty of selection as his character demands. As a little time forward cash investor, his love for his adult female forms the middle plot of the story.

Naan Aanaiyittal Full Movie Trailer

Rana – Kajal love has been picturized and dealt in a very a lot of respectful manner considering that the romance changes the temperament of Rana over time. An unexpected flip of events and a tough touching emotional tragedy strikes the combine and sends them down a deep lane of despair.

The tragedy triggers the lion Associate in Nursing venom at intervals Rana UN agency goes on an aggressive power spree and breaks everything that comes in his manner.

His political journey begins, all for the sake of avenging his darling wife’s unspeakable tragedy. He becomes a Village head, an MLA, a Minister and, take a deep breath, aims to be the Chief Minister.

Naan Aanaiyittal movie download

With of these happenings, his love is ready aside and also the story shifts to focus a lot of on his unpitying transformation and starts ticking those business checkboxes once an easy hero rises to the occasion in a very grand manner.

However, it’s not the transformation that hurts and you really begin fond it, however, it’s ushered and brought therefore fleetly concentrating a lot of on the intimidating CM task.

In his journey, he encounters a journalist (Catherine Teresa) UN agency is totally out of correct together with her role restricted to a lot of objectification, glamour and simply to require the playscript ahead once the story suffers a reverse.

Therefore what happens once the hero loses he specializes in why he started his hunger for power, what happens to his sexual love in the meantime forms the remainder of the story.

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