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My Story Full Movie Download in MP4.My Story Movie Review: Swanky cars, stunning visuals, a decent trying couple gallivanting through quaint cities, and a story that’s as previous as cinema itself; that is Roshni Dinaker’s My Story during a shell. The film was a lot of anticipated for a reason, it sees Prithviraj associated Parvathy as an on-screen couple when Ennu Ninte Moideen. each actors look nice within the film, however at the tip of it all, you’re left questioning why they were in it, their elements might are done by any pretty face and hunk, with minimum acting skills.
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Initial release: July 6, 2018
Director: Roshni Dinaker
Writer: Shankar Ramakrishnan
Stars: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Parvathy, Ganesh Venkatraman

Prithviraj is Jay, associate aspiring actor, WHO finds his a lot of anticipated massive break during a film star Thara, a longtime opera star. however Thara isn’t extremely fascinated by the film, or her career, or her life even, as she is engaged to an upscale man she is repulsed by. She develops a feeling for Jay, WHO fills her life with hope, and also the 2 start associate journey along.

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What may be aforesaid as distinctive within the film is that it shows a girl falling smitten with a person, rather than the opposite manner around as within the usual case, however the freshness ends there. every now and then it looks like the film maker is resolute as well as each medium remark proverbial to the globe – the poor very little made woman bored by her dominant and made betrothed during a suit, the orphan young man WHO is poor nonetheless fun, her moneyminded father and a lot of, geared up against the scene of a movie shoot, rather than a ship, as within the large. The dramatic dialogues and things square measure in stark distinction to the new wave of Malayalam cinema wherever everything is delicate, and as real because it may be.
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