Mr.Homanand (2018) Telueu Full Movie Download

Mr.Homanand (2018) Telugu Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Homanand could be a sincere man WHO works exhausting to satisfy his father’s dream of shopping for a house. With nice efforts and exertions, he finally pools enough cash and buys a house. when some days, he involves started that there’s a ghostlike creature within the house that is attempting to scare him off the property.

Director: Jai Ram Kumar
Stars: Homanand, Pavani, Priyanka Sharma

With no different possibility left, he tries to hit back at the ghost. can he achieve success in obtaining eliminate it? Catch the flick in theaters to grasp the answers.

Mr.Homanand Full HD Download

Debut hero, Homanand impresses to associate degree extent together with his good performance. The emotional track between a dying father and his son has start off well and should attractiveness to an area of the viewers. Mr.Homanand Full Movie Download. Suman, WHO acted as hero’s father comes up with an honest performance and could be a major and to the flick.

Mr.Homanand Full Movie Trailer

Comedian, Raghu Karumanchi tries his best to evoke some laughs and provides some much-needed relief here and there. the feminine lead within the flick, Pavani appearance fine and her glamour treat might connect with the plenty. Mr.Homanand Full Movie HD Download. Priyanka Sharma, WHO acted because the ghost did well among her limitations and puts up an honest show.

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Mr.Homanand High Quality Download

The flick is stuffed with flaws and also the entire setup appearance fragile right from the word go. The flick runs on a awfully skinny plot because the author tries to cook up a fascinating human out of a weak plot. The half-baked script paired with humble narration additional boost the woes.

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