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Moodu Puvvulu Aaru Kayalu is that the account of 3 roommates pictured by Arjun Yagith, Ramaswamy and Bharath Bandaru. every of them has their own set of issues and check out to return out of it.

Director : Ramaswamy
Starring : Arjun Yagith, Sowmya, Prudhviraj
Producer : Vabbina Venkata Rao
Music Director : Krishna Sai
Cinematographer : M. Mohan Chand
Editor : Upendra

What form of hurdles do they face in their individual lives? however, can they overcome and lead a contented journey? That forms the remainder of the story.

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Arjun Yagith is tight as associate degree aspiring cop and did no matter was required for the role. Be it maintaining correct physique and delivering dialogues on a pitch,

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The young actor has done it all with a great deal of conviction. The second lead, Bharath Bandaru gave an honest performance. Especially, his acting in associate degree emotional scene within the latter 0.5 was spectacular.

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Director ejaculate actor, Ramaswamy was okay in his role of a fun gaga guy. some funny scenes of him can evoke tight laughs. Senior actor, Tanikella Bharani’s role is that the better part of the film. He gave associate degree emotional performance as a farmer. All the ladies, WHO were paired opposite the 3 male leads did an honest job in their restricted screen presence.

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