Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Full Movie Download in HD

After Khuda Ke Liye and Salakhen, Asian nation gets its third Pakistani film unleash.Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Full Movie Download in HD Quality. not like Khuda Ke Liye, this one could be a a lot of thought film and provides you a plan of what massive budget Pakistani cinema is all concerning. Yup! A poor the image of Bollywood, wherever each the choreography and also the action sequences leave a lot of to be desired.

Director & Writer: Shehzad Rafiq
Stars: Adnan Khan, Maria Khan, Veena Malik

Nevertheless, this Punjabi film, shot extensively within the SWAT depression, makes attention-grabbing viewing because it traces the romance between village boy Nomi (Adnan) and village lady Salma (Veena Malik) UN agency has been bethrothed in childhood to individual Sameer (Babrik Shah).Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Full Movie HD Download.

Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Full HD Download

Sameer has moved to town|the town|town} along with his folks and has become the prototypal city slicker: lean, mean with 1,000,000 woman friends. Things may need clad right for the straightforward love birds, since town boy was hardly inquisitive about marrying a rural young lady. All it takes for him to vary his mind could be a slap from the righteous Salma World Health Organization tries to show him the way to behave.Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Full Movie Download.

Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Full Movie Trailer

After that, it is a long drawn battle between the innocent lovers and also the spoilt brat, with some smart music (Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan) thrown in between. boost this, a promise of a progressive message, wherever our hero tells the harassed woman she has the proper to decide on her own husband, and you have got a movie that works at a definite level. would like it had been somewhat emended too.

Mohabbataan Sachiyaan Full HD Movie Download

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