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Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality on 720p. Contrasting sneakers with meretricious, loud Punjabi kurtas is Juuliet Shukla (Pia Bajpai) a feisty woman in Mirzapur, UP UN agency bullies something that moves — from the native bus conductor to her childhood friend Mirza (Darshan Kumar). She throws her weight around city as she is that the darling sister of Dharamraj (Priyanshui Chatterjee), a robust native goon UN agency needs to marry her off to the son of another powerful politician, the terribly aroused Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal). Mirza (Darshan Kumar), on the opposite hand, may be a hitman; a complete opposite to Juuliet’s brash temperament —calm, composed and therefore the best shot in city.

Movie Name : Mirza Juuliet
Director: Rajesh Ram Singh
Writers: Shanti Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan
Stars: Darshan Kumar, Piaa Bajpai, Priyanshu Chatterjee
Release Date : 7 April 2017

Mirza Juuliet Full Movie DownloadAt its core, ‘Mirza Juuliet’ may be a conventional film that climbs on the shoulders of alternative winning films set in little cities like Gangs of Wasseypur, Tanu Weds Manu. Right from its gap sequence, it borrows the chase scene from Gangs of Wasseypur along side the song ‘Mohabbat Ka Misuse’ and fails on each counts. The chase scene is badly altered and therefore the song tacky enough to be irritating. It conjointly tries to point out the ill-usage of ladies in little cities, however finishes up being unrefined within the method, sinking beneath the burden of the hate it creates.

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Pia Bajpai appearance gorgeous, however her character is thus sharply loud, you fail to attach together with her. Darshan Kumar, as a gunslinger offers an honest performance however his character development becomes unbelievable. Mirza Juuliet Full Movie HD Download, He dodges each bullet golf shot Keanu Reeves from the Matrix to shame and once he will get shot, it solely makes him angrier and quicker to the chagrin of the baddies that embody the complete town! within the supporting role, Chandan Roy Sanyal’s character used for comic relief, gets within the means of the film such a big amount of times, that you {simply|that you just} would like he was simply done away with. Priyanshui Chatterjee may be a cliché of each goon vie shown on the large screen.

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