Meri Nimmo (2018) Full Movie HD Download

Meri Nimmo Movie Review: Meri Nimmo (originally titled Nimmo), is that the uncomplicated and sweet story of a nine-year-old boy and his old friend, that is additionally his 1st expertise with broken-heartedness. Meri Nimmo (2018) Full Movie Free HD Quality Download on 720p. Hemu would possibly disagree regarding the uncomplicated half, as a result of unanswered love will be difficult even at age 9.

Director: Rahul Shanklya
Stars: Karan Dave, Anjali Patil

Hemu could be an assured and slightly precocious boy, the sole son of one parent. His mother is glad for the closely knit community in their hamlet and therefore the support offered by a young neighbor, Nimmo.

Meri Nimmo Full Movie HD Download

Hemu contains a vast crush on Nimmo, World Health Organization is a minimum of double his age. therefore once the village starts noisy with news of Nimmo’s forthcoming engagement, Hemu, egged on by his ally, decides he should propose to her 1st.

Meri Nimmo Full Movie Trailer

This ends up in some cute scenes capturing a child’s naive understanding of adult relationships and rituals like wedding and connected appurtenances.

Meri Nimmo Full HD Movie Download

Director Rahul Shankalya shoots the film nearly in 2 planes – the hold seen from the eyes of a 9 year previous, and therefore the world per the adults World Health Organization don’t take youngsters seriously nor do share any real data with them.

Hemu is the maximum amount as a messenger for his mother as he’s for Nimmo. And Nimmo sees herself as nothing over his sis as he helps him with everyday chores.

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Meri Nimmo Full HD Download

Yet Hemu and his friends square measure capable children. They fix cycles, draw advanced diagrams for college school assignment, will ride mopeds and tack a makeshift projector employing a water-filled light-weight bulb and light-weight refraction to make a home-grown image expertise.

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