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Mein Terrorist Nahi Hoon Full Movie Download in HD Quality. I don’t use medicine, aur mein stupid bhi nahi hu. Meine master’s degree kiya hai, Stanford, America se”, says Mimoh or Mahaaskshay Chakraborty some twenty minutes into Vikram Bhatt’s latest venture, the jadedly titled Haunted. India’s 1st stereoscopic 3D film or rather horror film will not shock you however might leave you numb with ennui.

And here’s the factor regarding smart horror films: they are either brightly nightmarish, or handily comic. Either way, it’s amusive. however Haunted adds a 3rd dimension to the current classification. It’s annoying. there isn’t any refined means of claiming this, really, therefore here it is: nothing during this film works. Not the story, not the acting, not the music and positively not the 3D. Haunted may be a total medicine, and also the title of “India’s 1st stereoscopic 3D film” actually merited a way higher show to travel along side it.

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The narrative of Haunted borrows liberally from clichés therefore conspicuous on assume the operate of self-parody. A rich boy, recent from exploit his aforesaid master’s degree, visits a colonial mansion in a very village below some lousy pretext. He moves into the house, the lights go dark and from out of completely obscurity, ghosts pass off and also the antics begin.

Cut to once brave very little boy goes around city seeking to unravel the raaz behind the spookiness of senator Manor. move the boy discovering the story of Meera; written by Meera herself and tucked away in an exceedingly book that idly falls open at the hero’s feet. Mein Terrorist Nahi Hoon Full Movie Download, move once wealthy boy gets transported eighty years back in time to avoid wasting Meera from being raped by the ‘evil spirit’ of her music teacher. because the disembodied spirit himself puts it “Jo mein zinda reh kar nahi kar saka woh marne ke baad zaroor karunga”. Kinky, isn’t it?

Nothing’s original here. Nothing’s special. it is a classic plot. And contrarily therefore, however the rape angle was true sensible. there’s a fine line separating ‘classic’ from ‘cheesy’ and ‘done-to-death’,

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