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A music search owner falls smitten with a woman from a circus organization that has come back to his village. however, caste and sophistication interchange the way.

Director: Raju Saravanan
Writer: Raju Murugan
Stars: Shweta Tripathi, Ankur Vikal

Mehandi Circus In Mehandi Circus, romance is within the air. Somewhat virtually. For, the hero and heroine fall smitten to the sounds of Ilaiyaraaja songs and Yeh Raatein Yeh Mausam from Dilli Hindu deity punk. The guy is Jeeva, World Health Organization contains a music container search in Poompaarai, Kodaikanal.

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The girl, Mehandi (Shweta Tripathi, spectacular in her Tamil debut) could be an entertainer during a circus that has come back to the place. Mehandi’s father (Sonny Charles), World Health Organization conjointly runs the circus, is cautious of encouraging this relationship, for Jeeva’s father, Rajangam (Marimuthu) calls the shots within the village.

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Rajangam is additionally casteist, such a lot that he won’t even let an employee enter his front room to speak over the phone to his mother, the World Health Organization is critical!

Mehandi Circus High Quality Download

While the framing device, involving Mehandi’s immature girl, Nisha (Pooja), World Health Organization comes in search of Jeeva, of Mehandi Circus, is about in 2010, abundant of the film happens in 1992.

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