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Marriage Palace Punjabi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Marriage Palace is that the story of a person UN agency falls crazy with a lady and on the day of their wedding, the confusion results in swapping of brides. What follows may be a one hour forty-two minutes of comedy tangled with a massager father and his UP wala subordinate, a buaji UN agency does not return home, a tape search owner (who happens to be the bride’s father),

Directors: Shivani Thakur, Sunil Thakur
Writer: Rakesh Dhawan
Stars: Sharry Maan, Payal Rajput, Jaswinder Bhalla

A person UN agency will nothing for a living (the masseur’s son and also the lead hero), his friend (who is that the son of the masseur’s love interest) and also the tape search owner’s girl (the lead actress). alternative characters were conjointly there however these were the prime ones.

Marriage Palace Full HD Download

The film starts with a song that is a poorly choreographed adaptation of stick with it Jatta 2’s title track. that is the initial impression of the flick that crashes one’s expectations. Then starts the story. the primary character to be introduced to the audience may be a massager contend by Jaswinder Bhalla, UN agency encompasses a favorite phrase ‘Ta Ra a krke’ (which is why he is conjointly referred as data Daler Mehndi).

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His son (Sharry Maan) and his friend (Sumit Gulati) do nothing for a living. Sharry falls crazy with a lady (Payal Rajput) and proposes to her through romantic songs taped in cassettes. The sound recording search owner happens to be the daddy of the woman UN agency Sharry loves (he’s unaware of the budding romance) who conjointly offers some free recommendation to the present love for prayer his girl love. Sharry’s friend is that the son of a PCO owner UN agency may be a single mother (her husband left for somewhere however ne’er returned) UN agency is that the love interest of Jaswinder Bhalla.

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That the story moves forward and also the wedding talks return forth. The groom’s father insists that the marriage ought to be organized at a wedding palace. it’s here that the confusion happens and 2 weddings happen at the identical palace, resulting in the accidental swapping of brides. the opposite groom is contended by Harby Sangha, UN agency has his guardian as Nirmal Rishi and his bride is contended by Nisha Bano.

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