Mar Gaye Oye Loko (2018) Punjabi Full Movie Download

Mar Gaye Oye Loko (2018) Punjabi Full Movie Download. A dash of experimentation that doesn’t very fireplace imaginations, is, however, this film is best summarized. whereas the plot of death, and therefore the hereafter in Yamlok maybe a 1st for Punjabi cinema, the script lacks conviction and rambles unengaged until it reaches the interval.

Director: Simerjit Singh
Stars: Karamjit Anmol, Jaswinder Bhalla, Hobby Dhaliwal

Once delivering a profound biopic like Subedar Joginder Singh, and humourous franchise of continue Jatta, this film dawdles to achieve expectations, from an associate actor of Gippy’s stature. It additionally makes an attempt to sermonize on sins of discrimination, corruption etc., that emerge from Titus trip to Yamlok. However, the try is feeble, maybe justifying balance between films as a medium of amusement, which of social messages. Straddling this perplexity prices the film its comic dose because the director juggled his 2 themes.

Mar Gaye Oye Loko Full Movie HD Download

The film is additionally lampooning singers like Sidhu Moosewala’s violent songs, Parish Verma’s notorious shooting incident to bridge this perplexity. The known 5 of Punjabi comedy- Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Karmjit Anmol, BN Sharma and Gurpreet Ghuggi, manage to helm the film’s comic temporal order and carry it bent its true genre of a romcom.

Mar Gaye Oye Loko Eela Full Movie Trailer

TV actress, Sapna Pabbi (who plays Simran), is simply another pretty addition to Punjabi cinema, dead towing the precedence of being solely a dolled-up prop to the script. Music, given by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Guru Randhawa, saves the day, being refreshing and emotional.

If the least bit you can’t leave behind the expectations of another comic masterpiece from Gippy, this film can baffle. But, for the euphemism of passing time looking something new, go watch it.

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