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Manu Telugu Full Movie Free Fully HD Quality Download. The film starts off in a very bar wherever Nila(Chandni Chowdary) tries to woo Manu(Gautam) World Health Organization could be a fabulous painter. however, with a tiny low misunderstanding, the couple gets into a fight and Nila leaves the bar.

Starring : Raja Goutham, Chandini Chowdary
Director : Phanindra Narsetti
Producer : The Crowd
Music Director : Naresh Kumaran
Cinematographer : Vishwanath Reddy

On the opposite hand, Manu saves Associate in Nursing previous man from the clutches of 3 gangsters within the same bar. As time passes by, Manu involves apprehending that the goons square measure when Nila currently.

World Health Organization square measure these goons? What square measure they up to? and what affiliation do they need with Nila? to grasp these answers, you wish to look at the film on the massive screen.

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The premise of Manu is sort of attention-grabbing as there square measure solely four to 5 characters within the film. The impact that the film generates through its stunning visuals makes it quite completely different from regular Telugu films.

Chandni Chowdary appearance lovely in her crucial role. Her screen presence is incredibly sensible and she or he will quite well all told the emotional scenes. Manu showcases her as an honest thespian and Chandni’s performance ought to very facilitate her within the future.

Manu Full HD Download

Coming to hero Gautham, he has immensely improved from his previous films. From appearance to performing arts in a very complicated role, he has done it quite expeditiously. The romance showcased between the lead try could be a bit attention-grabbing and has some precious moments.

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Manu High Quality Download

So much was aforementioned regarding the film’s playscript that it’d be quite new and completely different. however constant playscript is that the biggest villain of the film because the director fails to come up with a clarity of what’s happening within the film. till the pause, things square measure unclear and you retain scratching your head on what’s truly occurring within the film.

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