Maniyar Kudumbam (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Maniyar Kudumbam (2018) Tamil Full Movie Free Download. Set against the scene of a little city, Maniyar Kudumbam narrates the story of a purported family, that once commanded Brobdingnagian respect from villagers. The family of 4 is currently headed by Nadhagarsamy (Thambi Ramaiah). A lackadaisical person naturally, he has fastened hopes on his son Kuttimani (Umapathy).

Release Date: August 3, 2018
Director: Thambi Ramaiah
Screenplay: Thambi Ramaiah
Music composed by: Thambi Ramaiah
Language: Tamil

Knowing that the latter is gaga with Magizham Poo (Mrudula), a relative of theirs, Nadhagarsamy sets bent on meet Magizham’s father with some individuals from their village. However, they get affronted by the girl’s father (Jayaprkash) as he finds Nadhagarsamy and Kuttimani idle.

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Quite defeated with a similar, each of them converts villagers concerning beginning a windmill project, and every one of them along contributes a total of 1 large integer. however, the father-son pair gets cheated once a cab driver steals the quantity, following that the villagers threaten them of great repercussions.

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The film contains a tight story that is enough to interact with the audience, however, the execution falls flat. The arrange to gift Umapathy as an ad hero partially succeeds, as he shows grace in dance and fight sequences.

The performances by Thambi Ramaiah and Jayaprakash are smart, however, the flow of events ought to are a lot of riveting. The length could be a and for the film, therefore are the emotions and family bonding.

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The chemistry between the lead pairs, too, isn’t bad. different artistes like Vivek and Pawan score in sure scenes, whereas Samuthirakani’s anaglyph as a cop merited a lot of screen area. exclusion some clichéd scenes and foregone conclusion issue, Maniyar Kudumbam is associate okayish try for people who love family dramas.

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