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Main Teri Tu Mera Full Movie Free Download in HD Quality on 720p. Amru (Roshan Prince) could be a carefree child WHO lives in a very village along with his family. he’s invariably rejected by numerous ladies for no matter reasons. Amru encompasses a friend named Kirat (Mankirt Aulakh) WHO takes him to Chandigarh to calm down his mood. There Amru sees the image of Simran (Jazz Sodhi) and falls loving along with her. She starts showing in his dreams also. sooner or later Amru sees her in point of fact and each fall for every alternative. On the opposite hand, Kirat conjointly loves Simran. once Amru involves fathoming Kirat & Simran, he decides to sacrifice his own love and decides to marry Karma (Yamini Malhotra). will Amru marry Karma? will Simran conjointly sacrifices her love and marry Kirat? Watch MTTM search cut-out a lot of.

Romantic films square measure a rare achievement in Punjabi Cinema that is usually concerning comic capers of late. Director Ksshitij Chaudhary has tried a special genre now not like his last two films that were comedies (Read: Out & Out Comedies). The story, script, and dialogues of the film are written by Pali Bhupinder Singh and therefore the film has been directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary.

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Coming to the story, it’s an awfully easy romance told over an amount of 133 minutes. lots have been told and most of the things were needless. it’s a lot of boring than diverting. The film looks to be smart within the initial 20-30 minutes with the characters being introduced however at the time all the cards were shown pretty clearly and there was nothing a lot of to indicate within the 2d.

The film gave the impression to be dragged within the 2d. simply the author and director could’ve done away with a minimum of 15-20 minutes of the film within the 2d. because of this dragging, the film slows down within the 2d  associated you simply with patience watch for it to come back to a finish. The dialogues were smart. currently, the writer’s square measure setting a lot of-of their stories in rural areas as a result of the audience looks to possess had enough of the urban areas and town stories that the dialogues were written keeping the agricultural areas in mind and were pleasurable.

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