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Main Aur Charles Movie Review: The intriguing temperament of ‘Bikini Killer’ Charles Shobhraj handed Prawaal Raman the right instruction to make an attractive adventure story on the platter. Main Aur Charles Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. By casting Randeep Hooda, the director-writer conjointly ensured that he had a face as charming as Shobhraj’s. However, what he has all over up created could be a confused film.

Director: Prawaal Raman
Writer: Prawaal Raman
Stars: Adil Hussain, Alexx O’Nell, Anastasia Fullfina

Main Aur Charles offers very little to the audience: Neither does one get any insight into Shobhraj’s criminal mind, nor does one get to understand the motive behind the psychopath’s schemes.

Whereas promoting the film, director Raman insisted that it’s not Shobhraj’s biopic, however, is concerning the disreputable Tihar jailbreak incident and supported the case files of lawman Amod Kanth. however, the narrative isn’t that of a lawman.

Main Aur Charles Full Movie HD Download

There’s maybe a trial to point out Shobhraj from the angle of a person (Amod Kanth) UN agency half-tracked his cases shut enough to understand concerning him, however, Raman’s narrative keeps the audience unfree.

Main Aur Charles Full Movie Trailer

It tries to portray Shobhraj as AN enigmatic and intriguing temperament that is value a case study: Right at the start, he’s delineated as ‘hypnotic, brutal, intelligent and ruthless’. however, the film doesn’t plan to take any into Shobhraj’s mind.

Raman focusses on Shobha’s image at the price of just about ignoring the person himself. nearly quarter-hour into the film and you don’t get to envision Shobhraj: Everyone’s talking concerning him, there are front-page newspaper reports, you furthermore might get to envision his silhouette smoking and even having sex, however not his face.

Main Aur Charles Full HD Movie Download

Sadly, Raman continues along with his obsession with this mental imagery throughout the film while not ever confirmatory the person.

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This build-up to a mysterious temperament might best be followed by some proof on however charming and intelligent the person is, rather than merely having all the opposite characters sing concerning it. The film doesn’t simply fail, it crashes miserably.

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