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About the story: dominion Malhotra (Mohsin Khan) and Vijay Kapoor (Jeetendra) are shut friends since babyhood. Mahaanta_ Full Movie Free HD Download In MP4 ,  once a protracted separation, each come back to the urban center for skilled reasons – Vijay as commissioner and dominion as manager for mighty and esteemed “Sea King” Seth Kedarnath (Amrish Puri) United Nations agency,

Director: Afzal Khan
Writers: Afzal Khan (screenplay), Afzal Khan (story)
Stars: Kishore Anand Bhanushali, Snehal Dabi, Poonam Dhillon

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however, gets within the police’s sights as a result of dark deeds. along with Vijay, even a brand new police inspector arrives in Kedarnath’s district; it’s Raj’s younger brother Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) United Nations agency falls dotty with stunning Jenny horse (Madhuri Dixit). sadly even Kedarnath’s son Mahesh (Tej Sapru) casts an eye fixed at Jenny. By threatening to kill Sanju and his family, Kedarnath forces Jenny to just accept a wedding with Mahesh, however ahead of all the marriage guests Sanju snatches Jenny from beneath Mahesh’s nose and instantly marries her himself.

Mahaanta_ Full Movie Free HD Download

To the dismay of his family, Sanju, however, is inactive throughout his night by Vijay, defendant of abduction ANd forceful wedding of an alternative man’s bride. whereas Raj’s better half Shanti (Poonam Dhillon) goes to Kedarnath to plead for mercy for Sanju, Vijay explains to furious dominion truth reason for Sanju’s arrest: He had come back to grasp that Kedarnath had sent a killer (Paresh Rawal) to murder Sanju; by impressive Sanju, Vijay had given him police protection. however, nobody will avert the cruel and deadly consequences of this step…

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