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Johnny brant (Fox), home from college throughout a contagious disease eruption, manages to con a younger boy out of a magnet by mercantilism it for associate degree “invisible watch”. the opposite boy’s nanny accuses Johnny of stealing, that makes Johnny feel guilty.

Direction: M Adiseshasai Reddy
Production: M Siva Reddy
Cast: Sakshi Chowday, Posani Krishna Murali, Bharani, Abhinav Sardar, Akshita

He runs aloof from home. once associate degree older boy uses the magnet to cheat at pinball game and Johnny is concerned, Johnny tries to induce eliminate the magnet. He meets associate degree eccentric inhalator maker WHO is raising funds for the native hospital and offers him the magnet to be auctioned for charity.

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The inhalator maker tells the story of the magnet at varied fund-raising events, exaggerating wildly and depicting Johnny as everything from a spoiled brat to a Dickensian urchin.

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After he returns to high school, Johnny sees the limited boy’s nanny and overhears her telling her friend regarding her lovebird, that she says has died of a broken heart. Johnny erroneously thinks she is talking regarding the limited boy himself and becomes convinced that he’s guilty of murder.

Magnet High Quality Download

He hides within the back of a van that takes him to city, wherever he comes into conflict with the native boys. He wins them over by convincing them he’s a fugitive from the police.

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