Luv U Alia Hindi Full Movie HD Quality Download

Luv U Alia Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Kiran (Chandan Kumar) is that the male version of Emma. He makes a living out of a match creating. His card reads – ‘Marriages are created in heaven, organized by Kiran’.

Director: Indrajit Lankesh
Stars: V. Ravichandran, Chandan Kumar, Sudeep

He is sensible and suave however once he falls head over heels gaga with a woman named Alia (Sangeetha Chauhan), his romance cannot finish in the wedding. can there still be a happily-ever-after?

Luv U Alia Full Movie HD Download

Sometimes original work is best left untampered. In no manner ar, we tend to suggest that the South Dravidian pic of the constant name was a piece of genius.

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But once dubbed and re-released in Hindi, the results are dismal. The transcription is much out of place and therefore the scenes ar sliced perceptibly. Blame it on the inexpert piece of writing, however, these issues hold you back from finance whole-heartedly within the plot.

It is a classic ‘boy meets a lady and that they fall in love’ plot.Luv U Alia Full Movie HD Download. however, she is commitment psychoneurotic. once her oldsters split, she lost religion within the establishment of a wedding. In his tryst to urge her to marry him, he would do something (Read – Become a hot nurse in brief clothes).

Luv U Alia Full HD Movie Download

The humor is below the mark. within the scenes within which Chandan plays a girl, there ar intolerable double-meaning jokes.Luv U Alia Full Movie Download. It gets worse once in one amongst the film’s most stretched bits the hero gets his own girlfriend jealous by dissembling to be having AN affair together with her father.

The camerawork is dangerous and therefore the playscript in dismal. In such a situation, the complete responsibility falls on the actors. The seniors’ ar high notch. Bhumika Chawla, United Nations agency returns once a hiatus, is cute.

Luv U Alia Full HD Download

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V Ravichandran is much a lot of spectacular than the hero himself. it’s their romance that shines over that of the younger combine.

Somehow the film has very little to supply in terms of young refreshing chemistry. Sangeetha and Chandan fare well on an individual basis, however, do not show enough of their supernatural spark that could’ve helped the romcom swell.

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