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Lover Full Movie Download in MP4.Lover Movie Review: Charitha (Riddhi) could be a nurse UN agency works in an exceedingly hospital. She finds it onerous to save lots of a lady from hospital management UN agency needs to use her illicitly for someone’s treatment. This lands her in an exceedingly heap of issues. rule ( rule Tarun) is her beau with whom she gets engaged. At that time, however did rule save his woman from the goons forms the film’s story.Raj Tarun and Riddhi Kumar paired up along for the primary time within the film. each of them have vie their elements well and affected everybody success. The chemistry between them discovered well.
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Initial release: 20 July 2018
Director: Aneesh Krishna
Writer: Aneesh Krishna
Stars: Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar, Ajay

Riddhi Kumar might are titled well within the film as she isn’t entirely appropriate for the role. Ajay, Subbaraju, Sachin Khedkar, Rajeev Kanakala et al. have vie crucial roles within the moving picture, and that they have supported the lead solid well. All of them did justice for the characters they got. the opposite solid conjointly created their presence felt.The writing is okay. The story is easy and routine. The director has maintained correct industrial values within the moving picture. Sameer Reddy’s computer graphics is that the principal plus within the film. Praveen Pudi’s redaction is sharp and neat.

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The music scored by most are smart, and that they have generated an honest audio album. The background score of the film has elevated the moving picture properly. the assembly values maintained by Harshith Reddy ar grand.The moving picture Lover is one among the films that discharged nowadays within the theatres. The moving picture treats the audiences with a formidable romantic plot however it fails in amusing them totally. the most drawback of the moving picture is that the story that doesn’t excite at any purpose.

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The playscript of the film is additionally boring and can virtually check the patience of the viewers. The moving picture might are far better in terms of story telling and making a conflict however some superfluous components and characters ruined the film’s flow. On the full, the film has nothing new and it’s yet one more regular love drama which will check the patience.
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