Love Ke Funday Full Movie Download in HD Quality

Love Ke Funday Full Movie Fully HD Quality Download. Four couples in an exceedingly metropolitan town look for to seek out love amidst the hustle bustle. can their love persuade the challenges like unfaithfulness, commitment problems and monotony?

Director: Indervesh Yogee
Writer: Indervesh Yogee
Stars: Pooja Banerjee, Shaleen Bhanot, Samiksha Bhatnagar

There is nothing worse than observance a nasty romantic comedy. for many folks, rom-coms area unit therapeutic. Love Ke Funday is that the actual antithesis of that feeling. It needs skillful direction to drag off a movie with four parallel subplots.

Love Ke Funday Full HD Movie Download

Clearly, director Indervesh Yogee does not have the maturity to fix a coherent narrative.Love Ke Funday Full Movie HD Download. He arrives with a promising premise however his sub-plots area unit laughable, lacking each earnestness and sharp writing.

Love Ke Funday Full Movie Trailer

Sample the stories – a girl is yearning for wedding and her lover, still scarred from his troubled childhood, refuses to run down the aisle; associate degree another couple is leading a sad life as a result of the person would not quit smoking; a naive lady and a man strike a chord despite their variations and eventually.

Love Ke Funday Full HD Download

The last couple reiterates our religion in Karan Johar’s painting line – “Pyaar Dosti hai…” a number of these stories area unit downright ridiculous et al area unit passable however the $64000 downside lies within the proven fact that they are not dead sincerely.

A bunch of novice actors plays their elements to the gallery. Sufi Gulati and Ritika Gulati are strictly average.Love Ke Funday Full Movie Download. Samiksha Bhatnagar, Harshvardan Joshi and Rishank Tiwari are forgettable.

The sole actors WHO create a mark ar Pooja Banerjee and Shaleen Bhanot. The supporting actors were dismal, some in would like of acting lessons et al. English-speaking categories.

The film’s writing falls limp long before you invest in the characters. The story coasts on swimmingly to a small degree despite its contrived plot. however, the $64000 downside happens within the last half, once the plot details. The slackened speed of the book reduces the film to Associate in Nursing absolute slog.

Download Love Ke Funday Full Movie

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It’s onerous to be generous once you are sitting through dangerous writing, dangerous acting and lots of dangerous jokes (a word of caution for the lame humor). we tend to advise you let this one go unless you’re desperate for the caramel popcorn at the theater’s candy.

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