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Lava Kusa Full Movie Free Download In High Quality.Prem Kumar (Varun Sandesh), maybe a cheerful cab driver. One fine day, he comes across his lookalike Kushal Kumar World Health Organization is sorting out a lady to calm down. when some days, each of them falls softly on with Subba Hindu deity (Richa Panai) and Satya (Ruchi Tripathi) severally.

As time passes by, they attempt to calm down in life and seize atiny low child. when a short time, they regret their mistake and choose to come the boy to his folks. Then comes a shocker within the type of very little twist. what’s that twist ? and what happens to the child throughout all this chaos ? That forms the remainder of the story.

Director: Jay Sreesivan

Writer: Jay Sreesivan
Stars: Varun Sandesh, Richa Panai, Babu Mohan, Brahmanandam

Lava Kusa 2015 Dual Audio Hindi

Lava Kusa 2015 Dual Audio Hindi Full Movie Download




Varun Sandesh gave an honest performance in his twin role. The half of the flick has some attention-grabbing scenes.jagga jasoos Full Movie High Quality Download this can be wherever the twist within the plot unravels and invokes tight excitement for the audience. Lava Kusa Full Movie High Quality Download, The special anaglyph vie by Brahmanandam as ‘Mixi Raja’ and his funny track within the climax offers a new advantage to the film.
Apart from Varun Sandesh’s performance, comedian Prabhas Sreenu as ‘Item Raja’ did complete justice to his character. His comic temporal arrangement and also the frolics vie by his gang offers a pleasant boost to the proceedings.

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