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Lara Punjab public prosecutor may be a latest Pakistani motion picture directed by Hansal Mehta that options Kangana Ranaut within the lead role. Production began in March 2016 and principal photography commenced in October 2016 at Atlanta, u. s.. The motion picture is loosely supported the lifetime of Sandeep Kaur, associate NRI within the u. s. UN agency has been condemned of 4 bank robberies.

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The nice issue concerning Lara Punjab public prosecutor is that it ventures into a district wherever the movie industry heroine offers no defence for being a badass. The protagonist, a lady with associate undaunted spirit, lives and loves by her own set of rules. She refuses to own ‘sex while not protection’ and is consistently up for journey. She does not moot concerning slippery into a lifetime of crime simply to support her `character flaws’. to this point thus smart.

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