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This is a stunning Indian industrial film. nice songs, nice story, nice script and sensible actors. The film addresses a rather polemical topic by portrayal an awfully girl WHO gets pregnant, and once her lover doesn’t would like to require responsibility for his actions, she firmly decides to grant birth to her baby and fight all the social prejudice, as well as the initial opposition of her own oldsters.

Director: Kundan Shah
Writer: Honey Irani
Stars: Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan, Chandrachur Singh


Kya Kehna Full Movie Watch Online

The film is fascinating and fascinating, however, the execution is incredibly poor. The costumes are weird and therefore the film is very superannuated. ceremony physiological state isn’t such a giant deal in our times even in the Asian country, creating the portrayal somewhat exaggerated. The film’s depiction makes it seem like the associate degree previous image from the Nineteen Eighties. Even once Priya dances at the club together with her pal, the song that’s vying is Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, that isn’t dangerous however isn’t simultaneous with the film’s time.

perhaps they ought to have outlined the amount of your time intrinsically, it might have created way more sense. to boot, Saif Ali Khan’s character is cryptic, Preity Zinta’s elder brother’s character is simply too aggressive and Zinta herself doesn’t look the age she is meant to be. At some points the film could be a bit excessively melodramatic, that makes no sense during a film that wishes to be issue-based and portrays realism.

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