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An international jock WHO has chosen to go away the game picks it up once more to avoid wasting the bottom of a neighborhood team.

Director: Parthiban Desingu
Writers: Devesh Jeyachandran, Sreekanth
Stars: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, Anagha, Karu Palaniappan

Natpe Thunai begins with Prabhakaran (Adhi), a freewheeling small fry in Pondicherry, whose sole ambition is to maneuver to France. He goes to Karaikal for this purpose, however there he lands up falling soft on with Deepa (Anagha), a jock.

Natpe Thunai
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And thru her, he comes up-to-date with Shanmugam, retired military personnel WHO is that the coach of the native team.

Natpe Thunai Low Quality Full Movie Download

A corporate is when the bottom wherever Shanmugam’s players apply, and that they square measure power-assisted by the native politician Harichandran (Karu Palaniappan). however, Prabha becomes concerned during this and helps Shanmugam and his team forms the plot.

Natpe Thunai High Quality Download

Natpe Thunai sounds like a mix of plot threads from numerous films. there’s the angle a couple of bunch of individuals WHO have to be compelled to win in a very sport to acquire what’s truly theirs.

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