Kumbalangi Nights Movie High Quality Download

The film may be a story of 4 brothers and the way a few things check their relationship dynamics.

Director: Madhu C. Narayanan
Writer: Syam Pushkaran
Stars: Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir, Fahadh Faasil

You recognize however actors say that’s not the length of the role or perhaps whether or not they play the most character, however the standard of the role that matters to them.

Kumbalangi Nights
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Well, ‘Kumbalangi Nights’ provides all the actors the possibility to prove that statement and each one among them delivers unfailingly during this charming very little motion picture, capably directed by first-timer Madhu C Narayanan.

Kumbalangi Nights High Quality Download

The story takes its time to unfold, while not feeling sort of a drag, within the half within the fishing hamlet of Kumbalangi. There’s a shed-like house during which four step and half-brothers, commercialism punches and barbs with one another.

Kumbalangi Nights Full Movie High Quality Download

Saji and officer square measure a handful of losers; defrayal their days lying around while not doing any work and mooching off others.

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Kumbalangi Nights
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