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Karthik(Priyanth) could be an engineer World Health Organization is extremely fashionable in his thought method.

Director: Ramana Mogili
Stars: Yamini Bhaskar, Priyanth

He falls soft on with Keerthi(Yamini Bhaskar) and proposes to measure in a relationship together with her. As Kerthi conjointly doesn’t believe the conception of a wedding, she says and starts living with Karthik.

Kothaga Naa Prayanam
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Needless to say in any story, issues arise between the lead combine and that they get separated. the remainder of the story is on however the couple return to a secure conclusion concerning their relationship and find yourself along once for all.

Kothaga Naa Prayanam High Quality Download

Hero Priyanth was spectacular in his role and did his character to the most effective of his capabilities. the style within which he showcased all expressions throughout comedy, emotions and romance speaks volumes of his talent.

Kothaga Naa Prayanam Full Movie High Quality Download

Heroine Yamini Bhaskar was conjointly sensible in her role. The young role player was particularly sensible within the climax and showcased sensible maturity.

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Kothaga Naa Prayanam
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