Kirrak Party (2018) Full Movie HD Download

Kirrak Party Telugu Full Movie HD Quality Download in 2018. Kirrak Party Movie Review: Krishna (Nikhil) is that the typical tee-shirts and ripped jeans sporting, fag smoking faculty child whose sole aim in life is to fool the faculty management and pay ample time along with his 5 best friends. He’s a primary year engineering science student whose life revolves around his friends and their blood-red open prime automobile.

Release date : March 16, 2018
Starring : Nikhil, Simran Pareenja, Samyuktha Hegde
Director : Sharan Koppisetty
Producer : Anil Sunkara
Music Director : B. Ajaneesh Lokanath
Editor : M. R. Varmaa

He presently manages to strike a friendly relationship along with his senior Meera (Simran Pareenja) whom everybody within the faculty appear to possess a crush on.

Kirrak Party Full Movie HD Download

She’s a benefactor and a kind-hearted soul, and asks Krishna to bring out the facet of him that nobody has seen. however once he’s pushed to the sting, a facet of Krishna comes out that even she couldn’t have foreseen.

Kirrak Party Full Movie Trailer

Nikhil is fabulous as Krishna in each shade – the juvenile initial year student with an immature innocence and therefore the beard-sporting, chain-smoking final year student with anger problems. Simran is nice enough in her role as a benefactor, United Nations agency falls softly on with Krishna’s innocence.

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Kirrak Party Full HD Movie Download

Samyuktha Hegde plays the role of Satya, a girl of the principal of the faculty and a bubbly initial year student, United Nations agency tries to assist Krishna to gain some closure.

Kirrak Party Full HD Download

However, compared to Simran, Samyuktha’s role looks pale and sort of a feminine shadow of the person whom Krishna once accustomed be. whether or not that’s unintentional or a deliberate inventive selection are a few things that ne’er looks clear.

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