Kathiruppor Pattiyal Full Movie Download in HD Quality

Kathiruppor Pattiyal Movie Review: Several Tamil films have restrained the lives and struggles of cops WHO handle law and order, and traffic. Kathiruppor Pattiyal Tamil Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Kathiruppor Pattiyal throws lightweight on the cops WHO add the RPF (Railway Protection Force). One such RPF officer, Williams (Aruldoss), is pissed off with the actual fact that the general public doesn’t respect them when putting next to cops WHO alter law and order, or traffic.

Director: Balaiya Rajasekhar
Stars: Sachin Mani, Rajendran, Nandita Shwetha

He decides to herald strict rules and asks his subordinates to not show any mercy towards defaulters WHO mess with railway rules. With the assistance of his team, Williams nabs several passengers WHO violate rules in several ways in which, that embrace piss on railway track, move while not price ticket, and so on.

Kathiruppor Pattiyal Full Movie HD Download

Sathya (Sachin Mani), WHO is on his thanks to Puducherry, to marry his girlfriend, Meghalaya (Nandita Swetha), too, is one in all them, WHO has been taken into custody at Tambaram terminal.

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He befriends the opposite defaulters at the RPF station and narrates his story to them. Quite affected by the story, they hatch an inspiration to assist him to shake police custody. can their arrange total as planned? what is going to happen to Meghalaya, WHO is anticipating Sathya in Puducherry?

Kathiruppor Pattiyal Full HD Movie Download

The film incorporates a straightforward ANd attention-grabbing premise set against an intriguing backcloth. a couple of characters — Baskar (Senayan, as an aspirant filmmaker), Kunjithapatham (Manobala, as a sex doctor) and Kodeeswaran (Mayilsamy, as a businessman) have interaction the viewers with their not-so-bad performances.

However, the one WHO manages to entertain the foremost among the ‘defaulters team’ is Kutti Puli (Arunraja Kamaraj, because of the head of Sasikumar fans club). His one-liners and references to a couple of films of Sasikumar, and also the admiration for his lead are quite pleasant.

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Kathiruppor Pattiyal Full HD Download

Sachin puts up a neat performance as an out of work guy, WHO doesn’t surrender his love for his girlfriend, whereas Nandita is apt in her role. however, the romantic track ought to are additional convincing and developed.

To a small degree, additional attention to the book and character development might have created the moving-picture show a stronger watch. The try, however, is good if you’re happy with tolerating a couple of logical loopholes.

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