Kanchana The Wonder Car Full Movie Download

Kanchana The Wonder Car Full Movie HD Quality Download in Hindi Dubbed. The film opens with Pavalakkodi (Nayanthara) within the hospital and her father Vairakannu (Thambi Ramaiah)weeping for her misfortune. Later, the scene cuts to their futures.

Director: Dass Ramasamy
Writer: Dass Ramasamy
Stars: Nayanthara, Harish Uthaman, Thambi Ramayya

They board little house. Vairakannu may be a single untiring father World Health Organization brought her up and Pavalakkodi, his sole girl, takes care of him in his maturity and does not would like to marry. They lead a contented life. Kanchana The Wonder Car Full Movie Download. close in associate degree flat, 3 thieves enter a house and rob all the jewels from the girl, harass and kill her.

Kanchana The Wonder Car Full Movie HD Download

To research this case a peace officer (Harish Uthaman) arrives at the positioning and finds no clue concerning the boys and finds a Rajasthani blanket within the house. Upon asking, the house owner and maids say nothing, and thus the case results in nothing.

Kanchana The Wonder Car Full Movie Trailer

The story moves to Vairakannu, World Health Organization desires to travel to the Kuladevi temple in their city that they raise Pavalakkodi’s auntie for an automotive to travel there. Kanchana The Wonder Car Full Movie HD Download. Her auntie refuses to relinquish them an automotive and her husband tries to hit Vairakannu that Pavalakkodi speaks up. She says they each got the position they’re in from her father’s sacrifice.

She adds as a result of her father’s ambassador automotive, currently they’re able to run a decision taxi business with 20-30 cars and scolds for showing no feeling. She challenges them that someday she too can open her start decision taxi and reach nice heights. Back home, Vairakannu and Pavalakkodi gather cash that they need to be saved in their menage objects and head to obtain an automotive.

They see many models, however, fall for a vintage automotive with no. MDS thirteen that appearance awkward to the viewers. The night when shopping for the automotive Pavalakkodi wakes up hearing strange noises and goes to possess a glance at the automotive. She finds a frightened cat and it instantly flees upon seeing her. within the morning Vairakannu is fooled by a client and is unbroken waiting.

Kanchana The Wonder Car Full HD Movie Download

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within the early night, he’s taken to a burying ground and left alone there wherever the automotive stops quickly. Vairakannu returns home and worries for his girl as a result of if he dies, UN agency would support her? She then says that she would conform to marry a person UN agency would lodge in their house and watch out for her father.

Suddenly the phone rings and it’s disclosed that Pavalakkodi’s got a wedding proposal from an equivalent officer UN agency is work the case. The groom’s oldsters just like the lady, however, the police refuses to marry her. Pavalakkodi, in rage, challenges him that she would stay a virgin if he gets a woman UN agency is a lot of lovely than her.

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