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Kalyanam Malayalam Full Movie Free HD Quality Download in 2018. Kalyanam Movie Story & Review: It is once more ‘son rise’ in Malayalam cinema! If Pranav Mohanlal created his debut last month, this month, it’s the flip of Shravan, son of Mukesh and Saritha, to create his debut in cinema with Rajesh Nair’s Kalyanam.

Directors: Rajesh Nair, Usha Rajesh
Writers: Summesh Maddhu, Rajesh Nair
Stars: Shravan Mukesh, Varsha, Sreenivasan

“Kalyanam may be a wedding of comedy and romance,” says the director regarding his film when his previous one, Salt fruit tree, dish-shaped out a tart treat to viewers.

“This is a few romance that began at the age of 5 for Sharat, enacted by Shravan. A laidback guy, his sole aim in life is to woo his lady, Shari, and win her forever. Varsha Bollamma plays Shari. during this day of communication glut, there’s no dearth of suggests that to convey his feelings to his lady.

Kalyanam Full Movie HD Download

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Yet, he’s hesitant which is, however, the story unfolds. By the way, the story is ready within the nineties,” explains Rajesh. On the lookout for a brand spanking new faces for this story of young love, Rajesh happened to listen to that Mukesh’s son was ready to follow in his parents’ footsteps.

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Therefore Shravan became Sharat whereas Rajesh found his heroine from dubsmash videos of that Varsha is sort of a star. The lady from Coorg had no problems regarding the language as her mother may be a Malayali. “I decided it a clichéd story, that is additionally our gag line,” chips in Rajesh.

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