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Kalavu may be a slick, riveting crime heroic tale drama set within the outskirts of Chennai. a bunch of 3 friends square measure involved during a chain snatching crime that they haven’t committed.

Director: Murali Karthick
Writer: Murali Karthick
Stars: Vatsan Chakravarthy, Chinnijayanth, Kalaiyarasan

Once an evening of binge drinking, the 3 of them playfully escape the clutches of the cops throughout their routine checks for ‘DD’ (drink and drive) cases on the roads. the buddies slowly notice the magnitude of true and therefore the stress that’s future for them. They face harassment from the cops and ought to somehow relieve themselves from true.

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Kalavu conjointly has Associate in Nursing criminal conversation angle connected to the higher than crime, with actor Karunakaran taking part in a dissatisfied husband whose disloyal spouse is that the one who’s at the receiving finish of the chain snatching incident and is seriously hurt.

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Kalavu Full Movie High Quality Download

Kalavu showcases dimensions of Karunakaran and Venkat Prabhu (playing a dirty cop) thus far unseen by the Tamil audience. And once Madras, it’s Associate in Nursing impactful character once more for Kalaiarasan, UN agency is that the main man among the 3 friends.

Kalavu Full Movie Download

Kalai has continuously come upon as a natural performing artist, and Kalavu utilizes his skills well. the opposite friends have conjointly done well, notably young actor Vatsan Chakravarthy. Veteran actor Chinni Jayanth conjointly features a key role to play within the approach the film ends.

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