Kadikara Manithargal Tamil Full Movie HD Download

Kadikara Manithargal Full Movie High Quality Download. Kadikara Manithargal could be an intended motion picture that tries to focus on the plight of tenants within the town. Director Vaigarai Balan clearly lets the United States of America recognize wherever his sympathies lie, though, in his efforts to form the United States of America empathize along with his protagonist, he piles on the tragedy, turning Kadikara Manithargal into a somewhat depressive film.

The story revolves around Maran (Kishore), World Health Organization works in a very store look. the primary time we have a tendency to see him, he and his family are in a very tempo with all their possession, finding out a house to rent. A shady broker (Scissor Manohar) gets him a house below his budget, however, there is a catch.

Kadikara Manithargal High Quality Download

The house owner (Balasingh) can permit solely a family of 4, and Maran has 3 youngsters. round-faced with no alternative choice, Maran lies and hides one among his youngsters within the box that he uses to load his store product. But, for the way long will he hold on to the present lie – and at what cost?

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Despite the overwhelming tragic tone, Kadikara Manithargal engages the United States of America as a result of its subject are a few things we will relate to. It conjointly provides United States of America attention-grabbing sub-plots, like that of Shiva’s (Karunakaran).

He’s a tenant World Health Organization is passing off a beggar as his granny, and whose main intention is to form the landlord’s female offspring (Sherin) fall loving with him in order that he will become the owner of the place. This conjointly provides some tense moments within the half, additionally to the angle involving Maran’s third child, once the lovers commit to taking flight right below the landlord’s nose. And Kishore all over again provides the United States of America a restrained performance that helps lower the comedy.

Kadikara Manithargal Full HD Download

But the film ought to are way more than what it’s currently. What ought to are a poignant tale regarding the haves and also the have-nots comes across as a message motion picture that tells its message by bludgeoning its audience with a sledgehammer. this is often mainly as a result of the characters are painted in black and white with no reminder gray. Take the owner, for example.

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Kadikara Manithargal Full Movie Download

he’s not solely associate inconsiderate, timeserving man however conjointly features a weakness for ladies. and also the director provides the United States of America only a few moments that show his characters experiencing life’s very little joys. A Kudumbam Oru Kadambam, whose setting the film evokes, managed to strike the proper balance. The film is stuffed to the brim with the pathos which kind of makes its tone monotonous. It makes the director appear as cruel because the landowner as he repeatedly offers his protagonists a glimmer of hope solely to grab to that far away from them.

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