Kaagaz Ke Fools Full Movie HD Download

Kaagaz Ke Fools Full Movie HD Quality Download on 720p. Kaagaz Ke Fools Movie Review: The title suggests that the film might be a dark far-out comedy however that’s not the case. In fact, for the longest time, you marvel what the purpose of this film is. whereas the husband partner arguments square measure still relatable, the protagonist suddenly discovering his gambling skills ANd putting up an unlikely relationship with a prostitute known as Rubina (Raima Sen) appear inconsequential to the story.

Director: Anil Chaudhary
Writer: Anil Chaudhary
Stars: Vinay Pathak, Mugdha Godse, Raima Sen

Rubina gets his book printed while not his data and he reciprocally has a difficulty with it being altered. whereas all this happens, you marvel wherever this is often heading.

Kaagaz Ke Fools Full Movie HD Download

When you have a gifted bunch of actors like Pathak and Saurabh Shukla (as Pathak’s relative-in-law here), you expect the film to possess some which mean. sadly, that does not happen here.

Kaagaz Ke Fools Full Movie Trailer

Amidst all the chaos and disagreements, you retain a yearning for a reason behind the story, however, fail to search out one.

Kaagaz Ke Fools Full HD Movie Download

Guess the director needed to send across a message that ‘nobody is ideal which we should always be content with what we tend to have’. sadly, poor script and a tedious execution mar the intent.

Kaagaz Ke Fools Full HD Download

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