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Journey Of Bhangover Full Movie HD Download.Journey Of Bhangover Movie Review: With the plot and even the name heavily galvanized by the hit Hollywood flick The Hangover, ‘Journey of Bhangover”Journey of Bhangover’ is Associate in a Nursing exercise in a way to ape a known film and go dreadfully wrong within the method.
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Initial release: 15 December 2017
Director: Mahender Singh
Writer: Mahender Singh Sahiwal
Stars: Prerika Arora, Aradhya Taing, Anmol Khatri

In the film, 5 faculty students ingest copious amounts of a soft drug. once they get up, aloof from their hostel field they realize that everyone isn’t well. Their field peace officer Pandey (Hemant Pandey) tags alongside them WHO later reminds them of their misadventures. however, he will Associate in a Nursing fully trashy job of doing that as a result of their misadventures don’t seem to be funny in the slightest degree.

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The supportive characters introduced ar even as boring, be it the goon named System or the terrorist Gafru (Jaideep Ahlawat). we are able to see that the director did have budgets given the item numbers, the drone cameras and therefore the flashy costumes. Sadly, he failed to invest in an exceeding story. Fine actors like Ahlawat and Yashpal Sharma ar wasted within the roles allotted to them.With a totally guessable finish, this film truly leaves you with Associate in Nursing actual , live hangover. If you’re trying to find a funny flick to catch on the weekend, this is often not it.
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