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Jio Pagla Full Movie Free HD Download n mp4.Jio Pagla Movie Story: a gaggle of 4 friends, World Health Organization add completely different professions, share an in-depth bond from childhood. Ananta, a fashion creative person lives in a very rented house. Things go awry once all four square measure forced to measure along at Ananta’s rented home. Their lives square measure noncontinuous once their property owner catches them guilty along with his woman and forces them to vacate.

Movie Name: Jio Pagla
Starring: Jisshu, Srabanti, Hiraan, Payel, Soham, Rittika, Bonny, Koushani
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Country: India
Language: Bengali
Director: Ravi Kinagi

Jio Pagla Movie Review: Director Ravi Kinagi’s Jio Pagla may be summed up simply enough: A madcap caper regarding four couples that drags on and on. Drag being the operative word here. The two-and-a-half-hour-long film might simply are forty minutes shorter and audiences would have appreciated it all the a lot of for it.Download Jio Pagla Full Movie. The film deals with the lives of 4 childhood friends, 2 of whom square measure forced to dress so as to secure lodging for themselves in a very town wherever most landlords square measure probing for married tenants.

Jio Pagla HD quality Full Movie Free Download

The moving-picture show starts off as most movies during this genre do — with a group piece song and every one the eight main characters saltation to the thumping beats of the title track.Jio Pagla Full Movie Download. we tend to learn that Ananta (Jisshu), a fashion creative person by profession, lives in an exceedingly rented space at a house closely-held by landholder Khogen Mal.

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However, his carefree life is interrupted as 3 of his shut friends (Soham, Hiraan and Bonny) finish up at his threshold, yearning for an area to crash. The four of them shortly realize themselves in predicament when AN episode with Mal’s spouse and square measure forced to vacate the premises.

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Unable to seek out any lodging for bachelors, they are available up with a thought to decorate up Soham and fair as ladies so that they will rent a house. The film then follows their conviviality till it all falls apart uproariously. It’s not a foul film, however you’d be hard put to decision it sensible.

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Jio Pagla Full HD Movie Download

Entertaining is that the excellent word for it. Slapstick is sometimes hit or miss. But here, the director treads a fine line, as do the actors. Soham is well the funniest of the heap — even in drag. His mannerisms, comic temporal order and visual communication all hit the spot. He has associate energy that’s infectious and therefore the director banks on his efforts to sell ludicrous scenes and concepts. Jisshu, Hiraan and fair all play on to an adequate degree, however Soham steals the moving picture.

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