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Anuraj Manohar’s Ishq opens with a harmless phone language between Sachi (played by Shane Nigam) and Vasudha (Ann Sheetal), as they call forth an idea for ‘a romantic outing on Vasudha’s birthday, amidst some lightweight banter.

IMDb Ratings: 8.0/10
Genres: Drama,Romance, Thriller
Language: Malayalam
Quality: 720p HDRip
Size: 900MB
Director: Anuraj Manohar
Stars: Shane Nigam, Ann Sheetal

The film opens like all alternative romance, however, it turns into one thing that’s a stark distinction to the standard romantic entertainers within the past.

Ishq revolves around the passive-aggressive Sachi and Vasudha, whose lives modification as they expertise a weird encounter within the interior of an automobile trip. The initial parts of Ishq have a lighter tone thereto, as they fantastically originated the link between Sachi and Vasudha.

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The familial bond displayed in Sachi’s menage reeks of the heat that we tend to sometimes associate to a friendly romance. however, these events square measure simply wont to blandish for sudden aftermath.

The film’s pace accelerates as their intimate moment gets noncontinuous by a sexy peeper and his companion. The unpredictable nature of the film heightens because the couple tries their thanks to throwing off the clutches of the 2 men.

The plot has some parts of revenge that typically scapegoats the feminine characters, however, Ishq turns the truism over its head with ways that you will not expect.

The characterization is written is such an associate tangled manner that the film faucets into the aggression of masculinity, and also the frailty related to it. one in all the foremost instances is that the interval block, wherever Vasudha retorts by questioning Sachi’s manhood once he doubts her chastity.

These very little touches create Ishq a notch higher than your usual potboilers. The last half is that the moment wherever the tables flip and also the hunter becomes afraid.

The tension isn’t solely sustained, however, it’s taken to unprecedented levels through the sheer unpredictability of Sachi, WHO comes across as comparatively retiring and soft natured.

One would possibly worry that Ishq would possibly become another Arjun Reddy and RX-100, wherever the protagonists ascend to self-destruction via substance addiction. however, in Ishq, the substance is replaced by Sachi’s thirst for revenge and also the quest to satisfy his weak male ego.
Ishq Malayalam full movie MP4 download
Ishq Malayalam full movie MP4 download
Ishq Malayalam full movie MP4 download
Ishq provides a cathartic and sudden closure. The film excels at mood creation, particularly throughout the crucial automobile scene, wherever you will have foretold what happens within the next frame, however, the staging and also the piece of writing compensate it while increasing your anticipation. Ishq Malayalam Low-Quality Full Movie Download The thin plot is extremely well thickened by Ratheesh Ravi’s fast book and also the visceral performances.
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Shane Nigam knocks the ball out of the park along with his performance that produces each feeling of Sachi palpable while not an oz. of artificiality, and Shine Tom Chacko provides an exhilarating performance because the man WHO holds the couple as a prisoner. The background score does not commit to oversell the moments or emotions, however, it adds to the haunting mood of the film. because the film’s caption suggests, Ishq could be a good anti-romance that’s fascinating until the tip.
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