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Idhu Enna Maayam Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality on Free Download. A well-executed rom-com stuffed with new age ideas, edge the foremost obvious clichés, can continuously realize takers within the land of Kollywood. Director Vijay tries his hands on creating one such film. Has he force it off with success, is what you’re about to browse below

Vijay has his own fashion of film creating. despite what genre it’s, the director leaves some kind of impression altogether his films and conjointly propagates one or 2 messages within the course of narration that may be somewhat melodramatic at places.

Idhu Enna Maryam follows the same old comedy film pattern. Boy meets a lady, they fall smitten, then the inescapable slash. can they patch up within the finish or not? That’s the descriptive linguistics of any universal story. once it involves a story, basically, it’s tired the book, however intriguing and recent it’s. This film isn’t utterly recent nor clichéd either, it falls somewhere in the middle. the primary 1/2 the story goes quickly whereas half gets somewhat dragging towards the top.

Vikram Prabhu, up to now has been enjoying an honest strike rate, as way as his hit rates area unit thought-about. The scripts that he chooses area unit totally different from each other. if truth be told Idhu Enna Maryam seems to be his 1st full-fledged romantic film in his six film career. On the romantic aspect, he has delivered what the script desires.

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Keerthi Suresh as Maya ways Maryam (Magic) together with her lovely appearance. tho’ she contains a handsome set of films up her sleeves, this happens to be her 1st official unleash in Tamil. She will have a cute smile however her alternative expressions area unit useful. For a primary film, Keerthi appearance and acts well.

Supporting solid list that options some fascinating names, have one or two of notable performers within the variety of Charlie and RJ Balaji. they need to be done a reasonably smart job so area unit the opposite supporting solid members.

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