Hyderabad Love Story Full Movie HD Quality Download

Bhagya Lakshmi(Reshmi Menon) falls head over heels for Karthick(Rahul Ravindran). Hyderabad Love Story Full Movie Free HD Quality Download on 720p. She tries onerous and somehow wins over Karthick. once everything appears to be going fine between the couple, Karthick’s ex-lover, Vaishnavi(Jia) inherit the scene and disrupts the story.

Release date : February 23, 2018
Starring : Rahul Ravindran, Reshmi Menon, Jia
Director : Raj Satya
Producer : S. N. Reddy
Music Director : Sunil Kashyap
Cinematographer : B. V. Amaranath Reddy

Why did Vaishnavi come into Karthick’s life? What issues did she produce for Karthick? and the way will he start of this mess? That forms the remainder of the story.

Hyderabad Love Story Full Movie HD Download

Yet again, Rahul Ravindran shines in his role of a category lover boy. The proficient actor all over again carries the film on his shoulders together with his settled performance.

Hyderabad Love Story Full Movie Trailer

Rahul’s performance is extremely sensible throughout all the emotional scenes within the last half. he’s one actor World Health Organization is, however, to induce his due in Tollywood as he offers his best in each film of his.

Hyderabad Love Story Full HD Movie Download

Reshmi Menon additionally will a good job in her role. Hyderabad Love Story Full Movie Download. The last half is wherever the particular story begins. Rahul’s backstory, his family values and also the approach all this is often showcased in an exceedingly good manner. The friendly relationship angle showcased and also the feeling derived from it’s sensible.

As the story unfolds solely within the last half, the primary is sort of easy with nothing a lot of going its approach. The story of the film is sort of weak and routine. Hyderabad Love Story Full Movie HD Download. because the film unwinds itself, the proceedings get slowed down with slow narration.

Hyderabad Love Story Full HD Download

Even though Rahul tries onerous to salvage things together with his performance, the weak scenes and lack of depth within the script facet track the film.

The director fails to get basic emotions between the combine as there’s not a lot of chemistry between them. there’s no correct justification for the film’s title.

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