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Hocus Pocus” may be a film urgently in want of self-discipline.
It’s one in all of those comes wherever you imagine everybody happy and applauding one another when every scene,

Director: Kenny Ortega
Writers: David Kirschner, Mick Garris credits ยป
Stars: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy

As a result of they are therefore convinced they are wild and crazy guys. however observance the film is like attending a celebration you were not invited to, and wherever you do not recognize anybody, and they are bushed on a joke however will not make a case for it to you.

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The plot involves 3 witches United Nations agency area unit hanged in Salem, Mass., three hundred years agone, and their bodies area unit placed below a curse. At an equivalent time, below conditions too annoying to elucidate, a young boy is was associate immortal cat.

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Flash forward three hundred years, because the witches area unit resurrected at Allhallows Eve time in contemporary America, and therefore the cat continues to be hanging around, and fashionable characters together with cute very little Dani and Georgia home boy become targets of the witches’ wrath.

Hocus Pocus Full Movie Download

The film is full of tricks, a lot of them, because the witches fly around on brooms and vacuum cleaners, and therefore the cat develops the flexibility to talk. however, the results, the characters and therefore the plot area unit all tossed into a confusing pot during which there’s nice activity however very little progress and heaps of hysterical shrieking.

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